Resonating Bodies projects and site are directed by Sarah Peebles.  Artists, technicians and designers 2008-2017 have included Sarah Peebles, Robert Cruickshank, John Kuisma, Jennifer Rong, Mary-Ann Alberga, Julie Kee, Chris Bennett, Gabe Franklin/The Art of Plaster, MCC = 1200 Architectural Engineers, Lisa Kuder, Henry Raduazo, Stephen Humphrey,  David Waters, Brian Redmond, Rob King, Anne Barros, Kevin Steele, Anneli West, Mike Cameron, Kat Cruickshank, Patrick Ellard, Veronica Ladico,  Amro Zayed, and Zachary Kahn.

Resonating Bodies projects have developed in consultation and/or collaboration with biologists Laurence Packer and Packer Lab researchers Scott Thomson, Cory Sheffield, Lincoln Best and Claudia Ratti (York University); James Thomson and Thomson Lab researchers Jessamyn Manson and Michael Otterstatter (University of Toronto); Peter Hallett (University of Toronto and ROM); Peter Kevan (University of Guelph; CANPOLIN); Stephen Buchmann (University of AZ -Tucson, Drylands Institute); Lisa Kuder (University of Maryland), T’ai Roulston (Universtiy of Virginia), and Sam Droege (USGS).

Resonating Bodies projects have been generously supported by the University of Virginia Bicentennial with funding provided by the Alumni Board of Trustees, CANPOLIN, TD Friends of the Environment, University of Maryland Arboretum Outreach Center, USM Foundation/Professor Mike Raupp and Dennis vanEngelsdorp Honeybee Bee Lab at University of Maryland; Balls Falls Centre for Conservation, The Canada Council for the Arts & the Ontario Arts Council through the Tree Museum and Cambridge Sculpture Garden, Access Alliance Multicultural Health Centre, InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, New Adventures in Sound Art, High Park Nature Centre, Franklin Children’s Garden and Dufferin Grove Park through the City of Toronto Parks and Recreation, and the Drylands Institute.

Research projects generously assisted by Athena Steen and Susan Rummerfield (The Canelo Project, AZ); Thomas Young and Kim Thompson (The Deanery, Ship Harbour, NS), and Evan Oxland, Akira Inman, Leigh Bamford, Conor Barrett, Patrick Ellard and Roxanne Frances (Maggie’s Farm, Thornbury, ON).

Additional assistance provided by The City of Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation, Pollinator Parnership, Sarah Shettleworth, Ben Sullivan, The Barcode of Life Data Systems, The Toronto Zoo, Gene Threndyl, Michele Bakic and the Flower Anther Swabbing Team, The Stop, smART Learning Lab, Spadina Musuem, York Quay Gallery through “Too Cool for School Art and Science Fair”, The Pollinator Garden Project, Pollinator Partnership & P2 Canada, Toronto Region Conservation Authority, Waterfront Montessori Children’s Centre, Native Buzz (University of Florida), ASCAP Grants to Composers, Sam Droege, Rob Cruickshank, Stephen Humphrey, Peter Gmelling, Andrew Kines,  Blandy Experimental Farm & volunteer builders and University of Maryland Arboretum Outreach Programme with Carin Celebuski.