Woodburned Audio Bee Booth Prototype (Winter, 2011)

Installation by By Sarah Peebles.  Pyrography by Chris Bennett (www.champstiles.com). Booth woodworking by Patrick Ellard and Chris Bennett.

Current location: Toronto’s High Park Nature Centre (auxilliary field at Parkside Drive; open by appointment only via Jon Hayes).

 Kanaka Kulendran Idris Mayen The Stop.jpg
 Kanaka Kulendran and Idris Mayen at The Stop in 2013

Thanks to previous hosts of this booth: The Stop Community Food Centre at Artscape Wychwood Barns  in 2012-2013 (photos here) , Clement Kent and Leena Godel (2011) and Toronto Zoo Education Area (2010; photos mid-page at Audio Bee Booths).

For more details, demo videos, and notes on safety and bee stings see  Audio Bee Booths.

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