Solitary bees and wasps, their brood and nest provisions and their frenemies.

Click on photos for a larger view. Nest provisions for bees include pollen or pollen and nectar; for wasps, stunned prey.

Resonating Bodies - Leafcutter Bee
Photo: Stephen Humphrey

1. Above: A species of leafcutter bee (genus Megachile)


Resonating Bodies - Carder Bee
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2. A species of carder bee (genus Anthidium)


Resonating Bodies - Inhabitants - M. and T. nests
3. A different leafcutter bee (Megachile) below potter wasp nests (Trypoxylon)

Resonating Bodies - Inhabitants - M Flight Block

Resonating Bodies - Inhabitants - M Booth
4. Leafcutter bringing nest material

Resonating Bodies - High Variety Nest Block
5. High variety nest block

Resonating Bodies - Hoplitis with nests
Photos 2-6: Rob Cruickshank

6. A kind of mason bee with nests (genus Hoplitis); pollen loaf and egg, centre.

Resonating Bodies - Hoplitis nest making
7. Hoplitis nest making with mud & chewed leaves

Resonating Bodies - Hoplitis nests
8. Hoplitis nests

Resonating Bodies - Hoplitis emerge spring
Photo 7-9: Sarah Peebles

9. Hoplitis emerge spring

Resonating Bodies - Masked Bee
10. Masked bee (Hylaeus; a/k/a cellophane bee)

Resonating Bodies - Hylaeus Pupa
Photo: Stephen Humphrey

11.  Resin-using leafcutter Megachile campanulae nest top; Beneath, a nest of masked cellophane bee pupa (Hylaeus), their tunnel blocked mason bee cell (a vindictive act!)

rob's resin bee crop2 sm.jpg

12. A unidentified resin bee starts a nest (Megachile) at Dwelling: Paint Branch Creek
at The University of Maryland (2015, above).

photo: Rob Cruickshank
photo: Rob Cruickshank

13. Unexpected variety of solitary bees and wasps, side A, at the end of year 1            (Access Alliance cabinet, 2014).

AA_SEplank_tunnel15 pugnata sm CROP.jpg
Photo: Susan Frye

14. Pugnacious leafcutter and unidentified leafcutter bee nest plus a resin-using bee nest, in Aug of year 1 of a new nest plank (Access Alliance cabinet, 2017). See the set of images with notes about more of this nest plank’s inhabitants.

Nest Plank ID MacIvor copy
Nest IDs by Scott Macivor, photo by Sara Mrosovsky. 2014 (year 1) at Access Alliance.
Resonating Bodies - SPeebles TM Bee Booth
Photo: Stephen Humphrey

15. Artist Sarah Peebles checks out the Tree Museum   booth in the Fall (2011).


Lifecycle information is at Bee Biodiversity.

Videos: Odes to Solitary Bees (2010 – 2011) and Solitary Wasps Nesting at RB Youtube channel for macro videos of these bees and waps in action!