Sonic Solitaries at High Park Nature Centre

Sonic Solitaries visitor copy

By Sarah Peebles.  Assisted by Mary-Ann Alberga, pyrography; Stephen Humphrey, poetry; Rob Cruickshank, electronics; John Kuisma, woodworking. 2016, permanent

Location: High Park Nature Centre, Toronto. 375 Colborne Lodge Dr., near the main entrance to High Park. Free 24/7. Commissioned for Encounter exhibit at Cambridge Sculpture Garden, 2014-2015.

READ Sonic Solitaries Booklet:  How to Listen to Bees & Nest Notes. SEE  Highlights on our Facebook page and at CSG. 

Left: Encounter exhibit visitor. Below: featuring the masked bee (Hylaeus); re-burned with milk paint added by Alberga.

Sonic Solitaries HPNC crop B


Sonic Solitaries at Access Alliance rooftop garden

photo: Rob Cruickshank


By Sarah Peebles.  Assisted by Mary-Ann Alberga, pyrography, Rob Cruickshank, electronics; John Kuisma, woodworking. Photo by R. Cruickshank (click to enlarge). 2013, permanent.

Location: Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services, 3079 Danforth Ave. at Victoria Park (Toronto, ON); rooftop garden. Free. Hours posted here.



Above: Biologist Susan Frye observes inhabitants, year 1 of the new curvy-tunneled nest plank (2017). She sees the large Pugnacious leafcutter bee nesting alongside other leaf- and resin-using bees in tunnels 14-16.  See the set of images with more notes about this nest plank’s inhabitants. (Photos: Peebles & Frye. Click to enlarge.)

Access Alliance Audio Bee Cabinet nestplank 20142014: grass-using wasps and a spider nest alongside masked bees, mason bees and leafcutter bees. Straigh-tunneled and curving-tunneled nest planks swap out every 2-3 years to control pest and pathogen build-ups. See inhabitants  page for more bees in various cabinets.  Updates are on our FB page.

Nest Plank ID MacIvor copy
Nest IDs by Scott MacIvor, photo by Sara Mrosovsky. 2014, Access Alliance.